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George soros

Who Is George Soros and Why He Is Against Modi?

Famous Billionaire & Philanthropist George Soros threatened India at the minute security council on 17 Feb 2023 and said, India, which is a democratic country the PM of that country, PM Modi is an authoritarian Prime Minister. That’s why he funded one billion dollars in India to free India from Modi, end dictatorship in India, and make India a democratic country again.

Who is George Soros?

George Soros has many names; he is known as the man who broke the bank of England because he had invested in the currency of England and earned a profit of 1.5 billion dollars.

George Soros, now 92 years old, was born on 12 Aug 1930 in Hungary in a Jewish family, his real name is Gyorgy Schwartz, and he is a Hungarian- American, businessman and Philanthropist. And when World War 2 started, he was just eight years old then. Being a jew during World War was really horrifying, but Sorose’s family was smart. His family survived the Nazi occupation. They changed his last name; previously, his name was Schwartz, and they changed his last name and took this identity of “Soros” so that it became difficult to identify that he is Jewish.

Soros saw that the Jewish people around him were being caught, but no one was catching him; in fact, he said that the world war days were among his happiest. He was smarter than other average kids, and after he grew up, he got admission to the London School of Economics. This college is similar to a university that is famous for its protests. The professors here are inclined towards socialism, and they influenced Soros. He started studying philosophy and economics, and a philosopher named Karl Popper greatly impacted him.

How did Soros earn money?

Soros’s total net worth is 8 Billion Dollars, and he has donated 32 Billion Dollars, which means if he does not donate his money, then at least he would be five times richer. After his education, he came to America, and he saw no one with any knowledge about the world market, and he took advantage of this. And they started dealing in foreign currencies. He had many unfair advantages, he had traveled in Europe, and he had contacts in Europe. Till 1970 he managed the money of the rich people, but his extraordinary growth started when he started his fund named “Quantum Fund.”

Quantum Fund: This is a hedge fund that broke all Hedge Fund records. This fund has given returns every year of an average of 20% in the last 40 years. This fund’s clients are the world’s richest and most secretive families, Rothschild and Wallenberg. Even before Warren Buffet, he became the world’s first investing superstar with the use of Chaos.

How did he destroy other countries’ economies for his profit?

In 1989, Soros single-handedly brought down the Hungarian government to take revenge. At that time, Hungary was under soviet union rule, and he wanted to remove this rule from Hungary. And To do this thing, he used his NGO Forum, Open Society Foundations. Firstly he gives scholarships and fellowships in Hungary to create a good image and build a pro-democracy anti-communist library, even sharing photocopiers there. And his plan worked; Hungary’s people followed George Soros. Then, in 1990, he launched his first book, “OPENING SOVIET SYSTEM.” This book was manipulating people against Hungary Gov. He provoked people for democracy, and then protests started in Hungary, and the Hungarian government collapsed in 1990. After toppling the Hungarian government, he started feeling that he could topple the government of any country and why not earn some money by toppling the government.

In the foreign currency trading market, trades happen worth 5 trillion dollars daily. Soros started to target the currency of one country and take a short position. And how much the currency fell that much profit, he makes.

In the year 1990, he played a trick that made him earn 1.5 billion dollars overnight; he noticed that British Pound was in a bad position, so from all his sources, he borrowed pounds and sold 10 billion pounds in the European market and bought German marks, his influence was so big that many hedge funds used a similar strategy and sold pounds. The next day itself, the British pound fell against the German Mark by 15%. When so many people were selling pounds, and they didn’t have buyers, then the price was bound to crash. Ultimately the Bank of England had to buy these pounds to reduce this crash.

Once the prices were down, he, using the German Mark, bought British pounds at a cheaper rate and gave it back to the banks. There was a difference of 15% worth 1.5 billion dollars. For doing this, Soros got the title “The Man who broke the Bank Of England” He used the same strategy to destroy Thailand and did the same against the Japanese Yen.

Open Society Foundation

In 1993, He established the Open Society Foundation, which supports pro-democracy activism worldwide. After the year 2000, George Soros started focussing here more instead of his fund, and for different activities of this organisation, he has donated 32 billion dollars.

Why is George Soros Dangerous for India?

Our External Minister called George Soros a dangerous person.
He used Britain’s crisis to break Britain’s economy and earned profit from it like he destroyed Thailand. Similarly, he thought to take a short position against India, not from India’s progress but from earning profit from the downfall of India.

What is mission India?

The year 2020 is a great year for India. This year, India became the 5th largest economy in the world; since then, George Soros started mission India. That year he said at the Global Business Conference, “Kashmir is a semi-autonomous region, and there are concerns that India Prime Minister Modi is threatening to revoke the citizenship privileges of Kashmiri Muslims.”

Recently Union Minister Smirit said George Soros has openly declared a 1 billion dollar fund in India to topple MP Modi and his Government. And as usual, he used his Foundation, OSF (Open Society Foundation). This Foundation has been active in India since 1999, that’s why he has no problem executing his plan in India. He uses three major ways to execute his plan.

  1. Opposition Party Connection
  2. Buying Media
  3. Funding to NGOs

Opposition Party Connection:  George Soros already had a strong relationship with the opposition party in 2009. That time he visits India to meet his closest Hungarian Jewish friend, and this closest friend is opposition party leader Rahul Gandhi’s aunt. And OSF Vice President, Mr. Salil Shetty, is also Rahul Gandhi’s Friend and Ex-PM Manmohan Singh’s daughter, Amrit Singh, who works as an employee at OSF. Recently Member of The Lok Sabha “Shashi Tharoor” tweet Meet old friend George Soros.

Buying Media: This technique is like he used for Hungary’s Gov. He gave funds for free media and journalism of name independent journalists to spread anti-government news. And some of the big journalists are with him, like Indira Jaisin and Basharat Peer; in fact, Basharat Peer has done his fellowship from OSF.

Funding to NGOs: Open Society Foundation has funded some other Indian NGOs to promote their ideology. And NGOs are publishing negative articles against the Indian government. Two OSF-funded Organisations are very famous

  1. Lawyer’s Collective
  2. Centre for Policy Research (CPR) 

What does India Say?

In 2016, the government knew everything about OSF, so gov put this organization on a watchlist. This means before any funding, this organization needs permission from the Ministry Of Home Affairs. Protesting against this, he filed a case in the top court in 2020, and he asked why his organization in the watchlist, and the court said, “Funding of NGOs disturbs the social structure, but it also affects political parties. So what you are doing is wrong, so you need to ask for permission.”

That’s why our Minister of external affairs S. Jayshanker,  said, “Mr. Soros is an old, rich opinionated person sitting in New York who still thinks that his views should determine how the world works.

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