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Bhindranwale 2.0, Who is Amritpal Singh?

Who is Amritpal Singh Sandhu? | Bhindranwale 2.0 – Khalistan Movement

What is the present situation in Punjab? Why are there so many ruckuses in Amritsar and who wants to make a separate Sikh country? Who is also ready to make Amit Shah’s condition like Indira Gandhi and who is Amritpal Singh? Read this article to know!

Who is Amritpal Singh Sandhu and What Happened In Punjab?

Amritpal Singh Sandhu is a leader of the Waris Punjab De Organization. Who does not even consider himself an Indian. He has renewed the demand for Khalistan and wants to make a separate Sikh country. which is also ready to make Amit Shah’s condition like Indira Gandhi’s. Some people say, Amritpal Singh, is Bhindranwale 2.0. 

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At present, the situation in Punjab has become very bad. Because Lovpreet Singh (Toofan Singh ), who was a supporter of Amritpal Singh, was arrested by Amritsar Police for kidnapping. And against arrestment, thousands of people created a huge ruckus in Amritsar at Ajnala Police Station with swords. The Police Station was surrounded by the head of Waris Punjab De Organization’s Amritpal Singh supporters. Many policemen have been reported injured in this. Amritpal Sing gave an ultimatum to the Amritsar Police for controlling this situation and Amritsar Police agreed for negotiating. Amritpal Singh Sandhu claims his agenda is bringing religious and social transformation to Punjab but he and his group have attacked gurdwaras in Punjab. During a month-long religious march on 23 November 2022, Sandhu and his supporters vandalized two gurdwaras, alleging that their management was not conducting the affairs of the gurdwara per the Sikh code of conduct.

Who is Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale?

There are many religious organizations inside Punjab that take religion and education as their work. There one such organization was Damdami Taksal. This organization was located in Punjab’s Munga tahsil, Bhindar Village. So people from there are called Bhindranwale.

When the leader of the Damdami Taksal, Kartar Singh Bhindranwale passed away. Jarnail Singh Bhindarwle was made the leader of the Taskal. And people were being to call him Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. Become the leader he began roaming from village to village for attempted to rehabilitate the addicts. He asked people not to cut their hair and follow the Sikh religion. He began to popular very rapidly all around. Gyani Jail Singh and Darbara Sing told Sanjay Gandhi about Bhindranwale. That he is very popular in Punjab and if we made him the front face, Akali dal would lose its votes. Later congress had Bhindranwale in the SGPC election against the Akali Dal. Now getting government support Bhindranwale raised his activities faster. He was not getting arrested in any case till now. But on 13 April 1978 one incident happened that made Bhindrnwale more popular among the Mainstream leaders.

Dispute Between Sikh and The Nirankar Sikhi

There is a dispute between Sikhs and the Nirankari Sikhs always. But on 13 April 1978, the conflict became so big that people lost their lives. On this day Nirankari Sikh had a meeting to bring all Nirankari Sikhs together but Bhindranwale said he will not let this meeting happen. The day the meeting was to be held both groups fought. And 17 people lost their lives but after that too, Bhindranwale is not arrested. And 1980 the head of the Nirankari Sikhs, Baba Gurbachan Singh, and his bodyguards were killed in Delhi. There name that circulated was Bhindranwale but he was still not arrested.

Conflict Between Bhindranwale and Congress

In 1981 Bhindranwala was arrested for the Punjab Kesari newspaper editor Lala Jagat Narain’s murder. From here begins a conflict between Bhindranwale and Congress. As soon government arrests Bhindranwale, there begins violence in the whole of Punjab and 17 people lose their life. The violence gets too uncontrollable that they had to release Bhindranwale to establish peace. And that Akalis had to stand with Bhindranwle against Congress.

Dharam Yudh Morcha

In 1982 Bhindranwale and Akali Dal joined together to create the Dharam Yudh Morcha, which had its main goal of the Anandpur Sahib Resolution should be implemented. But some groups in Alalis did not like Bhindranwale much.

On 22 July 1982, there happened an attack on CM of Punjab Darbara Singh and In August 1982 an Indian plane was hijacked in which 126 passengers were there. Hijackers took the plane to Pakistan but Pakistan refused to allow the plane to land. The plane returned to Amritsar and the hijackers surrendered themselves to the police. After that, on 20 Aug there was another plane was hijacked and was taken to Lahore. Just like that somewhere bank robberies were happening, somewhere government’s weaponry was looted and senior police officers were killed after that in October 1982 a bus traveling from Amritsar to Delhi was hijacked, and from inside it all Hindu passengers were taken out and were shot.

From there the situation in Punjab worsened and Punjab was taken under the President’s rule. On 15 December 1983, Bhinderanwale shifted his Location to the inside of the Akal Takht at Golden Temple.

Operation BlueStar

On 1 June 1984, there was set a curfew in the whole of Punjab and phone lines were closed. Army had taken over. And all local and foreign news reporters were taken from the hotels and other places and put in a state bus and sent out of Amritsar but one reporter who was with the associated press was left inside Punjab during this. His Name was Brahma Chellaney. So he reported that time and that report was published in the Times of London.

The real battle that happened in Operation Blue Star was from 3 to 6 June

Its timing to controversial because the 3rd of June is the Shahedi Celebration of Guru Arjun Dev ji and on this day, more devotees were o come to Golden Temple. And all devotees that came to the temple were stopped by Bhindranwale and taken hostage. So that army would not be able to attack. Those people were there with heavy preparation along with rocket launchers, anti-tank guns, snipers, and a properly trained military operating inside. This harmed Indian Army beyond expectations. On the 5th of June, all those inside the Golden Temple were asked to surrender. The beginning plan was that the cut communication from outside and those people will automatically surrender. The electricity of the Golden Temple was cut, telephone and the drinking water supply too were cut.

But meanwhile, that news began to flood. From all those villages thousands of Sikhs are coming towards Amritsar and they have weapons too. Army helicopters were sighted all around there were thousands of people all around the city. That’s why Army wants to finish Operation Bluestar within one or two days. This is why Golden Temple was damaged even more. Army deployed Anti-tank and attacked from three sides, Akal Takht was also attacked and this was a major decision that came with its cost. Bhindrnwale’s people came out and much firing took place. Bhindrnwale’s people fought till the last, but around morning four thirty finally retained back control of Akal Takht finally.

Bhindranwale and his fighters were killed, but when people came to see images of the Golden Temple. People came to know that Akal Takht and Darbar Sahib to are fired at. All the Shiks in the world were infuriated.

Operation BlueStar Aftermath

After Operation Bluestar, out of 8 cantonments of the Army, 4000 Sikhs had rebelled. They had killed their Officers and tried to reach Amritsar. Many Sikh MPs and MLAs had resigned and the situation was really very bad. Bhindranwale had died but his supporters were still there. After that army started the second round of the operation. Army gave this operation the name Operation Wood Rose. Army checked every village and Sikh people for weapons.

On 1st Oct 1984, Army withdrew from Golden Temple. But till then heavy damage is already done. Many people who visited Golden Temple at that time saw the temple as damaged. They took an oath upon Guru Granth Sahib that the people who have done this will be killed. Or will be killed in this attempt of killing them. In their hit-list President Gyani Jail Singh, Indira Gandhi, his son, and Family were there. When Indira Gandhi visited Golden Temple, she was very disturbed.

Indira Gandhi’s Assassination

In this operation, those who were under the threat were given bodyguards and bullet-proof vests. The most guarded place was Indira Gandhi’s house. She was suggested by her security officers to remove the Sikh guards from her personal security. Indra Gandhi felt that this will circulate the wrong message that she is against the Sikh community.

On 31st Oct 1984, Indira Gandhi was shot by her bodyguards, Beant Singh and Samant Singh with 18 bullets. Sonia Gandhi immediately took Indira Gandhi to AIIMS and tow in the afternoon, she died.


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