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Things to Know About Rhinoplasty Surgery

Things to Know About Rhinoplasty Surgery

One of the most noticeable facial characteristics is the nose. It may appear out of proportion to the rest of the face if it is too tiny, crooked, or overly broad. When someone meets you, one of the first things they notice is your nose. 

A nose job, also known as a Rhinoplasty, is a surgical treatment that modifies the contour of the nose structure while enhancing or preserving nasal airflow. The purpose is to help restore facial cosmetic equilibrium. It is becoming one of the most popular cosmetic surgery operations.

If you’re thinking about getting a Rhinoplasty in Thane, the first thing that springs to mind is, “What do I need to know about Rhinoplasty?”

Let’s get started with the things you need to know about Rhinoplasty by Dr. Medha Bhave, plastic and cosmetic surgeon at Laser Cosmesis.

Things to Know About Rhinoplasty Surgery

  • Images From Before and After
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Before and After Rhinoplasty Surgery

One might ask the plastic surgeon after your meeting if you can examine before and after images of past patients to see what kind of outcome you can expect. Are the outcomes natural? Are the findings comparable to what you were looking for?

  • Maintain Realistic Expectations

It is critical to recognize that a Rhinoplasty is not a magical procedure. If you desire to have a celebrity’s nose structure, you may not be able to replicate it exactly on your face. Why? It is due to a variety of variables, including the bone structure of your face and nose. The same nose may not be proportional to your facial features, making it appear out of place.

  • Pose a Question

When it comes to any surgical operation or cosmetic treatment, it is critical to ask questions about any concerns you may have so that you are completely informed of what the surgery entails, the results, and the dangers associated. You can inquire about the many rhinoplasty choices (regular rhinoplasty, Septorhinoplasty, or rhino-tip) and how to attain your desired outcomes.

  • Take Some Time Off

Rhinoplasty is a treatment that necessitates some recovery time. We recommend taking 10-14 days off work to thoroughly heal at home. You will need to take painkillers and any recommended medicines throughout your time off to aid with pain and the healing process. It is also recommended that patients rest and sleep with their heads slightly raised.

A cast or splint will be put over your nose after your rhinoplasty treatment to provide support as it heals. The splint will be removed 7 to 10 days after your treatment, and the cast will be removed after 1 week for preservation rhinoplasty. Once the cast is removed, you will be free to resume your normal activities; however, patients are still a bit swollen and bruised at this time since it takes a few weeks to settle the nose.

You might not like your new look. Right away: Be Patient

The outcomes of a nose job are not obvious immediately following the surgery. The body requires time to heal after Rhinoplasty, and the nasal area is likely to be puffy or bruised. After the nose operation, the nose may be splinted, and there may be some lasting pain and discomfort.

The consequences might appear in a few days or weeks after getting enough rest, using anti-inflammation medicine like ibuprofen or a steroid (if recommended), and sleeping with your head raised. However, it is important to avoid intense activity for a few weeks to enable swelling, bruising, and nasal structure to recover entirely. For the first several weeks, avoid exercises that lower your head below your heart level (such as yoga).

Revision Surgery If Required

While your cosmetic surgeon will do all necessary to guarantee a safe and successful operation, healing abnormalities might have a detrimental impact on your outcomes. 

When this occurs, rhinoplasty revision surgery can be performed to repair the abnormal healing and ensure that you have the desired nose look.

Final Results Could Take Some Time

As previously said, swelling and bruising will last for several weeks, if not longer. It all relies on the cosmetic surgery treatment and your body’s reaction to it. Don’t worry, all visual evidence of bruising and swelling will be in four to five weeks.

However, some of the remaining indications of edema may take months or even a year to disappear. It’s critical to be patient and follow your cosmetic surgeon’s after-care instructions.

Rhinoplasty Procedure Types

Rhinoplasty, like most other surgical procedures, has several variations. Your surgeon may propose one of four forms of rhinoplasty based on the need for the treatment, your medical history, and other mitigating circumstances.

  • Open rhinoplasty: This surgery is only used for severe nose remodeling and entails creating an incision in the columella (the skin at the bottom of the nose that joins the two nostrils).
  • Closed rhinoplasty: This is often utilized for simple surgeries, and the incision is normally performed through one or both nostrils. These procedures can last anywhere from one to three hours, depending on the intricacy and the patient’s natural bone structure.
  • Revision rhinoplasty: This is a follow-up operation or set of treatments necessary after the first surgery. In most situations, the nose will simply absorb the work that has already been done and will not require a revision operation until around a year after the first treatment.
  • Filler rhinoplasty: This is the simplest of the treatments since its primary objective is to smooth out bumps and establish face symmetry.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a Rhinoplasty for a while, now is the time to take the plunge. Consult with Dr. Medha Bhave, Cosmetic Surgeon in Thane to learn more about the Rhinoplasty treatment and to help you prepare for it. 

One can get a consultation with Dr. Medha Bhave at Laser Cosmesis Clinic for more details on what changes one can get with this amazing treatment. One can also consult the clinic to learn more details on this amazing procedure to achieve the desired nose shape.

Book an appointment now for more details!

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