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India Wins Oscar In 2023

India Celebrates Oscar Wins In 2023 For RRR And The Elephant Whisperers

This year is perfect for Indian Cinema, India Wins Oscar In 2023. That is a proud moment for India because the Film Federation of India sends films yearly for Academy Awards but never wins the Awards. This year the Film Federation of India sent two movies for Academy Awards ( RRR & The Elephant Whisperers ), and both movies were nominated for awards and won the Academy Awards this year. Today we are discussing the Oscars Awards; read this article to learn more.

What Are Oscars?

There is an organization in the USA Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that has organized a function since 1929, where they give awards which are called Academy Awards, which is known to us by the name of Oscars. On May 16, 1929, the initial Academy Awards ceremony took place at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in front of roughly 270 attendees during a private dinner function. During the 15-minute ceremony, 15 statuettes were presented to honor the contributions of artists, directors, and other industry professionals for their work in the 1927-28 period. After the awards ceremony, they organized a post-awards party at the Mayfair Hotel. The guest tickets were priced at $5. 

Who gives these awards, and how are the winners selected?

This organization has more than 7000 registered members who act like judges for different categories. Exp: for the writer’s category, they are different members; for the director’s category, they are different members, and just like that, there are different members for the actor’s category. And whoever is registered in whatever category will vote in the assigned category and decide the winner, and the name of these registered members never gets disclosed.

The US’s award function has 24 categories, and out of these 24 categories, one category is the best movie in a foreign language for this category; all the foreign countries nominate their one movie, and other than this category, they are not eligible. And Hollywood movies cannot participate in this category of the best movie in a foreign language. In fact, more than 40 percent of the dialogue is in English, and in the movie then, also the movie gets rejected. If any country wants to participate in other categories for that, your movie must be played in a US commercial theater for seven days. When countries send their nominations, the Oscar’s registered members select the top 10 movies through voting, and out of these ten movies, five movies are selected, and out of these 5, only one movie wins Oscar.

How many categories are there in the Oscar Awards?

There are 24 categories for the 2023 Oscars:

  1. Best Picture
  2. Best Actor
  3. Best Actress
  4. Best Supporting Actor, 
  5. Best Supporting Actress
  6. Best Director
  7. Best Original Screenplay
  8. Best Adapted Screenplay
  9. Best Cinematography
  10. Best Production Design
  11. Best Editing
  12. Best Original Score
  13. Best Original Song
  14. Best Costume Design
  15. Best Makeup and Hairstyling
  16. Best Sound Mixing 
  17. Best Sound Editing 
  18. Best Visual Effects
  19. Best Foreign Language Film 
  20. Best Animated Feature Film 
  21. Best Animated Short 
  22. Best Live Action Short
  23. Best Documentary Feature
  24. Best Documentary Short

Who decides which movie gets Oscar nominations from India?

In India, which movies get nominated for an Oscar is decided by the Film Federation of India. Every movie which is produced between the previous year’s October and September calendar has a censored certificate and is played in India’s commercial theater for seven days. That movie producer is eligible for giving their films nomination to the film federation. Out of all submissions, the film federation selects one movie and sends it to the Oscars for nomination. 

How many Indian movies are nominated for an Oscar?

Every year 1800 plus movies are produced from all over India. From 1958, it’s been 63 years, and as of 2023, only three times the Indian film has been nominated

  1. Mother India (1957)
  2. Salaam Bombay (1988)
  3. Lagaan (2001)

How many movies won the Oscars in India?

  1. Gandhi: Miss Bhanu Athaiya got Oscars in 1983 for Best Costume Design in Gandhi, but it is not an Indian movie because its director is Richard Attenborough, and Ben Kingsley roleplayed Gandhi, he is an English actor.
  2. Slumdog Millionaire: This movie got 4 Oscars in 2009 for his song “Jai Ho.” Resul Pookutty received the award for “Best Sound Mixing,” Gulzar and A.R. Rahman for “Best Original Song,” and A.R. Rahman got another award for “Best Original Score.” Still, again, it was not an Indian film. It is a British drama film; it is adapted from the novel Q & A (2005) by Indian author Vikas Swarup.
  3. Period End Of Sentence: This movie got the Oscars in 2019 for Best Documentary, but it was also not an Indian movie. In this documentary, all production members were foreigners excluding Guneet Monga. Rayka Zehtabchi directs this documentary; he is an American-Iranian filmmaker.
  4. RRR: This movie got Oscars this year, 2023, for his song “Naatu Naatu.” M. M. Keeravani (music) and Chandrabose (Lyrics) got the Oscars Awards for Best Original Song; it’s the first proper Indian movie to get Oscars. An Indian producer and director made this movie.
  5. The Elephant Whisperers: This movie also gets Oscars in 2023 for Best Documentary Short. This movie story is about a couple and a baby elephant bonding. Kartiki Gonsalves directs this documentary, and it is a Tamil language movie.

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