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Goan Food: A Taste of Heaven On Earth

Yes, we know! You had planned a trip to Goa several times with your college friends, which gets canceled every time due to some reason or the other. But we are sure that you will visit Goa one day. There will be many things on your Goa bucket list like watching the sunset in Goa while sipping beer on the beautiful beach, beach party with friends at night, etc. But you are missing one very important thing which must be on your Goa bucket list, that is the “Goan food” of Goa if you have not tasted the local food then your Goa trip is incomplete. However, we won’t allow that to occur.

Goa has sunshine, sand, beaches, and most importantly, good food. Food in Goa is full of flavors the authentic Goan cuisine is a plethora of flavors: meat, coconut, jaggery, cashew, and an endless variety of seafood. Popular food includes Prawn Balachao and Sorpotel that are loved across the world. We have put together 7 must-try Goa famous food for your next trip to Goa.


Made with eggs, all-purpose flour, jaggery, and lots of ghee, this flaky baked sweet is loved by tourists and locals alike. Each layer is cooked separately, and at least 7 layers are present in a bebinca. An interesting origin story of one of the famous Goan desserts is that it was invented by nuns in Portugal, where they used egg whites to starch their uniforms, and the egg yolk would go to waste. That’s when they came up with Bebinca and Pastis de Nata that use egg yolks! Bebinca is one of the famous Goan food is served with vanilla ice cream are you drooling?

Port Wine

Port wine is not like regular wine. First of all the alcohol content in it is very handy many people don’t even believe they have alcohol it’s just fermented juice. It is very sweet, so, it can drink along with Goa fish, and it is quite cheap, it costs 100 rupees per bottle! It has the ability to be stored for over a year.

Goan Sweet Buns

These sweet buns are a snack, usually paired with palatal bhaji (potato-pea gravy). These gooey sweet buns are made with all-purpose flour, sugar, curd, and banana. Its Taste Will Take You to Heaven’s Door, and thus, it is known as one of the Goa famous food.

Ras Omelette

Ras Omelette is a delicious snack easily available on the street of Goa. Ros means “gravy” according to Konkani – the official language of Goa. It is similar to the Gothic style of cooking in which a spicy gravy of chicken or chickpeas is prepared. For vegetarians, the gravy is made with onions, black mustard, curry leaves, coconut, spices, and mushrooms or cauliflower instead of chicken. This gravy is paired with an omelet that contains chili peppers, onions, chopped coriander, salt, and herbs. Another one of the famous Goan food.


This local Indian liquor made from cashews is interesting, but again not for everyone, as it smells strong and has a fairly high alcohol content. But, take back a small souvenir-sized bottle. It works well with fizzy drinks like lemon and lime. Also, a good marinade for meat as per Goan cuisine. Feni can also be stored for a year.


A dessert is always an option, regardless of what you’ve eaten. Introducing “Perad” that will mesmerize you with its true taste. It is one of the traditional desserts made from guava paneer (ripe guava). These Goan desserts have a firm texture similar to that of mango paneer and are cut in the shape of a wedge or slices like paneer slices, hence also called guava paneer.


Introducing another one from the list, Dodol is a soft, sticky thick pudding made from jaggery (gud), dried coconut/coconut milk, and refined rice flour. The preparation of these Goan desserts can take days but it is well worth the effort and wait.

“Goa is an excellent getaway for family, friends, and couples. Apart from its picturesque charisma, the cuisine of Goa including its desserts, Goa fish, etc., is worth a try. Foreign tourists around the world have a never-ending taste for their food, and this is why; we have summed up the Goan famous food for you above to make your food encounters in Goa noteworthy.”

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