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5 Causes of Body Acne and How to Get Rid of It

Acne is one of the predominant chronic skin diseases in the world. It has affected up to 9.4% of the global population at some point in their life. Though people are more versed in combating face acne, they have less knowledge on how to deal with the acne on the chest, back, buttocks, and anywhere your skin goes. We all know acne is a multi-faceted skin issue and needs immediate action. 

So, if you want to know more about body acne, the cause behind it, and the treatments to get rid of it, we are here to help. To solve all queries on body acne and to make this article more informative, we spoke with dermatologists and skin experts of Skination Clinic, a clinic renowned for effective acne treatment in Faridabad. With the help of those insights we have drafted this post. So, let’s start comprehending body acne in detail. 

What Do You Understand By Body Acne?

Body acne is a common term that refers to acne appearing elsewhere on the body and not on the face. In this condition, hair follicles become clogged with dead skin cells and oil. When discussing chest and back acne, most people get affected by large pustules (whiteheads) or cysts. Though pustules are not different from your everyday pimples, cysts appear deep under the skin and can be painful. That’s why it is vital not to pick at cystic blemishes, as your body can reabsorb the infection from within. 

Body breakouts are often trouble in areas like the center of the chest, buttocks, and upper back. You may also experience different variations of body acne, including yeast infection (which occurs after excessive sweating) and fungal acne.

Types of Body Acne 

The most common types of body acne are: 

  • Acne Mechanica: It is quite common for people to get affected by body acne by coming into constant contact with sports equipment. This type of body acne happens when your workout gear traps sweat on your skin when you start to train. The resulting friction and heat produced may cause your skin to become increasingly irritated, forming rashes and spots. The symptoms of acne mechanica vary from tiny colorless bumps on the skin to deep, painful cysts. However, you don’t have to worry after treating these types of acne. It can clear up with six months of treatment. 
  • Acne Cosmetica: Some hair products clog your pores and lead to acne on the back of your neck and hairline. Depending on the length of your hair, this issue can further extend to your shoulders, back, and chest. 

Did you notice any acne on your body? If yes, let’s try to understand the causes of body acne so you can prevent it. 

Cause of Body Acne 

It can occur for various reasons. It can occur due to physical and environmental factors and by the products you use. However, it can pop up at different times of our lives (even as teenagers and adults). Here in this blog, we will discuss some of the top causes of body acne, and they are: 

  • Hormones: Hormonal factors can play an important role in developing body acne when they get imbalanced. Hormonal acne generally tends to show on the chest and back, similar to where your hair would grow. 
  • Stress: Stress is the most obvious reason to cause body acne. Everyone experiences it for various reasons at different stages, making it natural for your skin to take a toll. Dermatologists say when we get stressed, we trigger more production, leading to more inflammation and oily skin. In short, stress has no direct connection to creating acne, but it worsens your health, leading to acne formation. 
  • Exercise: Along with following a sedentary lifestyle, being too active in the gym or working out can trigger acne. Sweat is the major offender that can trouble your skin and cause irritation, especially when you don’t take a shower immediately after your workout sessions. 
  • Friction: Spending more time in a seated chair in the same place can cause friction, and obstructing passing air in certain places can cause body acne. For example, tight-fitting clothing, backpacks, and sports equipment can cause friction that leads to body acne. 
  • Products: Some beauty products can irritate the skin and cause breakouts. It can appear on the hairline and the neck. However, this type of acne can be temporary as it is directly related to the product use. 

Besides the points mentioned above, the other causes of body acne can occur due to poor hygiene and excessive sweating. It may cause your skin to act out as well. Though sweating can help clear your pores, the presence of dirt, dead cells, and oil blocking in them may result in developing body acne. Moreover, excess sun exposure can also cause body acne. When you get sunburnt, your skin dries out. As a result, your body produces more oil, clogging your pores and forming acne in the affected area. 

Now you know why you suffer from body acne, it is time to learn about the treatment you can follow to eliminate these pimples. 

What Professional Treatments are Available for Body Acne Treatment? 

  • Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are the active skin ingredients that are applied to acne-prone skin. It is kept for a few minutes and then neutralized. The chemical peels reach the depths of the sebaceous glands, improving the pre-existing acne and treating the open pores so new acne doesn’t form. 

  • Q-switch Lasers

This method removes the dead superficial skin cells, reduces the oil from the skin, and shrinks the open pores, making the skin better and less acne-prone. In this treatment, the improvements can be noticed even after the first session. 

  • Fractional Laser

The act of fractional lasers provides the laser energy in microchannels for using collagen in the deep layer of skin. The great advantage of this laser treatment is that it can work on various types of acne and acne scars. Though the downtime of this treatment is longer than peels and Q-switch lasers, it is worth it to treat acne scars. 

  • Microneedling

In this procedure, micro punctures are created in the skin to improve collagen production. Also, in addition to acne scars, it improves fine lines and open pores. 

  • Microneedling Radiofrequency

In this type, microchannels are created by the radiofrequency probe. These ensure that collagen induction can be fast, superior, and result-oriented. This procedure is widely used in the aesthetic industry to rectify body acne. 

  • Intralesional Injections

These injections involve the direct placement of a medication into a troubled skin area with the help of a small needle. Mostly, Kenalog (A dilute solution is used). Usually, acne cysts, psoriasis, and chronic eczema are treated this way.

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Know When To See a Dermatologist! 

Body acne still needs to be discovered by many due to a lack of knowledge. If your skin appears bumpy and you are facing the same acne issue on your back, chest, and buttocks, you should know that it is time to consult a dermatologist.

One such doctor is Dr. Swati Agarwal and Dr. Rajat Gupta, the best dermatologist in Faridabad at Skination Clinic. With over ten years of experience, these doctors rank among those who provide advanced and effective skincare treatments to various individuals. If you are also facing any issues with your skin, you can connect with the best skincare clinic in town, Skination Clinic.

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